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My Current Favourite Design Trends

Let's drive into some utterly subjective, personal favourite decor trends that are currently dominating my Pinterest feed.

Prioritising Comfort 🛋

Without question, this is my number 1 favourite design trend (or ethos, perhaps). Style should never come before comfort—I can’t stand a sleek *minimalist* couch which you just can’t sink into, or a hard wooden chair as opposed to an ergonomic desk chair for the sake of *aesthetics*. I am such a homebody, so cozy soft furnishings, soft bedding, cushioned seating, and an obnoxious amount of pillows are non-negotiable.

Minimalism meets Maximalism 🤝

I love interiors that are fairly minimalistic in terms of actual furniture and layout, but maximalist within contained areas—think gallery walls, open shelving with eclectic objects on display, a bed with layered cushions and patterned throws, etc. 

I’m easily overwhelmed by too much clutter, but when a space is balanced I feel like I’m able to better appreciate the quirky, colourful, maximalist objects that are dotted around a room.

Multifunctional Furniture 👏

As I’ve come to embrace small-space living, my interest in multifunctional furniture has grown exponentially with the cost of London rent 🙃. Anything that serves multiple purposes and is nice to look at is going straight in my basket. 🧺

Retro Revival 🛼

Mid-century modern furniture, bold geometric patterns, records sans record player, gaudy statement pieces from just about any decade prior to the one we’re currently in… hand them over. 🫴

DIY Masterpieces 😲

I’m truely in awe by how creative some people are when it comes to up-cycling furniture and decor pieces. DIY and up-cycling is always a great way to add newness to a space without breaking the bank, and can serve as a nice weekend/rainy-day activity too.

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